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Free Sales Training Video Series – Change is good. But hard

Change is Good.  But Hard!

When people are buying from you something new is happening to them.  It may be as modest as when you are the new sales rep on the account and the customer is just placing the same orders.  Or, it may be something disruptive such as replacing a current vendor or getting them to do business in a new way.  Regardless of the level of change taking place, you’re asking your customer to step outside their comfort zone.

This part of the buying process is where you must clear the hurdle of Trust.  (Remember:  Like, Trust, Buy)  If your prospect or customer does not trust you, you will have a difficult time making them comfortable enough to change their way of thinking or doing things.

Here are a few things you can do to help your prospects and customers be comfortable with change:

  • Do what you said you would do.
  • Show up for meetings on time.
  • Call them with valuable ideas.
  • Get your support or customer service department involved early in the process.
  • Use written and video testimonials.
  • Offer a great guarantee.

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