Sales Training Video- Beating the fear of rejection

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Free Sales Training Video Series – Beating the fear of rejection over the phone.

Beating the fear of rejection over the phone.

The first myth to throw away is that a certain number of “no’s” will get you to a “yes.”  This fallacy goes hand-in-hand with the idea that if you just make enough calls, surely you will find someone who will says yes or listens to you.  It is a weak way to sell.  If you aren’t doing the right things to begin with, you may never get a “yes.”  It is a much better idea to learn and practice sound selling skills than to “wing it.”  So, the first step in overcoming the fear of rejection is to make sure your basic selling skills are at 100%.  This includes nailing down your calling script.

I know, nobody likes using calling scripts.  Great!  Use that to your advantage.  Do the tough (and correct) things and leave your competition in the rear view mirror. Delivering your script is usually your first communication with a prospect and usually the place where they will say no, yes, or tell me more.  Your script needs to be delivered as close as possible to the way it was written, and it should sound like you are talking to your best friend.  As a matter of fact, call your best friend and ask them to listen to you.  Better yet, call all your friends.  If you get yourself on a mission to be a Professional Salesperson, to be number one, and to earn more than all your competitors, nothing seems too strange.  Ever see an all star athlete talking to themselves before throwing free throws, stepping into the batter’s box, or lining up to sink a put worth six figures?  Take note.

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