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Free Sales Training Video Series – Breaking the Ice


Breaking the Ice

Junior sales people often say they have a hard time “breaking the ice” with prospects.  First, this assumes there is ice to break!  Believe me, there really are people out there that are very polite, well-mannered, and friendly.  And some that need and welcome your product!  That is how you need to approach them – Friendly until proven guilty.

Here is the right way to approach your new friends:

Before you pick up the phone make believe that the person on the other end has a huge sack of money.  You only need to accomplish one thing to get this sack of money:  make that person a friend.   How would you treat a person who is willing to give you a lot of money and all you have to do to get that money is win them over as your friend.  Selling is almost that simple.

If you approach selling with the attitude of simply making friends you have a superb chance of being a very successful sales person.  Plus, you will have a very enjoyable business life.  If you use this approach and have this attitude, you will not feel there is any ice to break.

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