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Body, Mind, Spirit:  Spirit

This is not a lesson on religion.  I am no one to tell anyone else what to believe in.  Belief is highly personal and a freedom we’re all entitled to.  When I think of spirit I think of the inward and outward “vibe” you embody and give off.  This can come from formal religion.  But, it is not restricted to that.

As a sales person there are times you are going to need to dig down deep and find that spirit in you that keeps you going.  Every sales rep has gone through a slump. It probably seemed like a conspiracy; no shows, cancellations, lost customers and lost deals.   Everyone was out to kill your income.  They weren’t, but it sure felt that way.  It’s at these times when you need your spirit and your belief system firmly planted in your soul.  You have to know within your core that you have the strength, the track record, and yes, the belief that everything will work out.

Your spirit will help pick you up when things are down, but you have to make the effort.  It will not just happen.  You need to:

  • Make that one more call, with a smile on your face, when you really don’t feel like it.
  • Wish the customer well who just left you, with a sincere attitude.  You never know when they’ll be back.
  • Look back at your history when you were having great success.  Re-live those deals in your head.  What did you do correctly?  How did it feel?
  • Visualize yourself winning again.  Brian Tracy calls this successful pre-play.  It’s a great thing to do.  See yourself shaking your new customer’s hand after a great deal closes.  Visualize yourself buying that “thing” you’ve been wanting and now have the commissions to get it.
  • Fake it till you make it.  Nobody wants to be around a downer.  It only makes the situation worse.
  • Be grateful.  Nothing fills the spirit more than an attitude of gratitude.  You will feel better for it and it will help put things into perspective.

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