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Body, Mind, Spirit:  Body

Sales can be physically demanding work.   Not in the same sense as digging a ditch.  However, the connection between mind and body is undeniable.  Exercising and being in good physical shape will help to keep a clear mind.   You’re spending a lot of time learning and ingraining these sales lessons.  It would be a shame when your prospect brings up something you have been training on or have learned only to be too mentally sluggish to respond quickly and clearly.

I view exercise the same way I view sales training and practicing guitar:  a half hour, five to seven days a week, is much better than three hours on Sunday.  Depending on your age and desired outcome, you don’t have to train or exercise like an Olympic athlete.  Studies show that just walking a mile or two every day will do wonders for you.  Some of my best sales strategies have come to me on long walks in the river park near my house.  There’s something about being in nature with lots of fresh air and no phones to get your creative juices going.

There are also things you can do in the office to keep the blood flowing.

  • Take a walk around your building.
  • Use the stairs instead of the elevator.
  • Stand up while talking on the phone.

One book I like is, Office Yoga by Julie Friedeberger.  There’s nothing mystical about it.  Just some good stretching routines you can do right at your desk.

Being in good shape can have a profound effect on your income.  Don’t lose a deal just because that deep dish pizza has clogged up your thinking.


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