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Nothing diminishes your prospect’s trust in you more than using a bluff which has no merit.  A while back we were looking at upgrading one of our software applications, as we were on a hiring spree.   I went back and forth emailing with my vendor’s sales rep going over how many accounts we needed and what the pricing would be.  I knew she had the ability to flip a few switches after the deal was done to make available what we needed.  However, she sent me the following email:


Have you made a decision yet?  Please let me know as soon as you do – I need to update my teams.


This email really rubbed me the wrong way.  I knew she didn’t have to let anybody know anything.  She was bluffing in hopes of getting me to take action.  I’m guessing she thought I believed there would be a delay after we placed our order.  This is amateurish and does nothing to build relationships.  Or, all-important trust.

If you have legitimate leverage that can help move your prospect’s buying cycle along, I’m all for using it.  But, the key word here is legitimate; a time-based offer, limited inventory, etc.  My need with Jen was real, but not an emergency.  Acting admittedly immature, I waited as long as could before ordering from her.

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