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Free Sales Training Video Series – Be the expert and be known.

Be the expert and be known.

Jeffrey Gitomer says “It’s not who you know, it’s who knows you.”  He is absolutely right.  You want to be known as the go-to person in your industry.  You want to want to be the expert in the room.  You want to be the person who the reporter calls for insight into your industry for an article they’re writing.

A large part of what you’re selling to your prospects is you.  People buy from people. And people buy from people they like and trust.  If you’re an expert in your field, that expertise will give you instant credibility.

First, become the expert.  Read, study, watch video, talk to other experts.  Do whatever you can to know as much as you can about your industry.  Seek out knowledge at every opportunity then spread it around.

Get active in the world wide social web.  Write, comment and question others in your industry on social media sites.  There are so many social sites it’s impossible to list them here.  And more are popping up every day.   Your prospects go to these sites to become knowledgeable as well as to find people who can help them. You need to be there when they’re looking.  I have met key people who helped me with this book (and get sales!) by meeting and interacting with them on sites like LinkedIn,, Facebook and Twitter.   It’s a small, focused world.  Take advantage of it.

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