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Assume the Sale

Go into the sale believing you will win.  It sounds simple enough.  And it is. Unfortunately, too many sales people let the “doubt devil” creep into their sales psyche.  You know who this is.  It’s that demon who  wakes you up at 3:00am telling you that you probably won’t win the deal, which leads to your having a bad sales month, which leads to your being concerned about your boss and your income, which leads to a really bad night‘s sleep, which leads to that entire scenario coming true – if you let it.  There are many ways you can get rid of the doubt devil, most of which are covered in this course.   Many of these lessons incorporate the belief of developing a winning mindset.  To do that, you need to assume you’re going to make the sale.

I know how to spell ass-u-me, and I am not suggesting you be cocky or over confident.  What I am asking you to do is go into every sale where you have a qualified prospect, who can take advantage of your product, believing with every fiber of your being that you are going to close the sale.

There was a popular book a while back called The Secret.  The concept is that whatever you focus on the universe will bring that to you.  James Allen wrote about this same idea in 1902 as well as Seneca in 4 BC.  In other words, this is not a new concept.  I too believe in this concept.  Focus on winning and you will eventually win. Focus on not losing and you will lose.  Will you lose every time?  Probably not.  But more than you want or need to.

Here are few things that will get you into the mindset of assuming the sale:

  • Review the deals you’ve won.
  • Talk to your current customers and ask them why they bought from you.
  • Ask your prospect if there is anything that would keep them from buying.
  • Totally believe in your abilities, your team and your product.

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