Sales Training Video- An Ace of an Attitude.

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Free Sales Training Video Series – An Ace of an Attitude.

An Ace of an Attitude.

Question:  When is the best time to make a sales call to close a deal?
Answer:  Right after you closed one.

When you close a deal you’ve been working on you are, hopefully, feeling good.  Your attitude is right where it needs to be; pleasant, confident, self-assured.  This is the attitude you need to bottle up and bring to work every business day and show it to your prospects and customers.

However, sometimes we fall into a rut.  Maybe it’s been a long time between deals and management is starting to apply pressure, which adds to your own pressure, and you start to spiral into negative territory.  It will be evident to your prospects and customers too.  Just as your good attitude can be recognized over the phone or in your appearance, your negative attitude can be seen and felt as well.  And your prospects may be feeling it as pressure coming from you.

I’m not at all suggesting you quit trying.  Just don’t let it show.  One thing always struck me when I would watch Roger Federer or Pete Sampras play in championship tennis matches: I could never tell if they were winning or losing.  They always looked the same and played the same.  Steady.  Confident.  Never quitting.  Those are the traits I am suggesting you must embody every day.

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