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Always deliver value.

Nothing works better than your prospect believing you are there to help them.   It builds trust.  You should come prepared for your phone call or meeting with ideas, or at least questions, that convey to your prospect that you have their best interests in mind. Here are some ideas:

Go to their web site and look for news about their company, their CEO (if it’s not them), their financials, etc.  Your conversation could be; “Mike, I saw on your web site you just established a strategic partnership with Sawyer Construction and are looking to expand on that.  I have contacts at McKenzie Construction who may also be a good match for you.  Would you like me to make an introduction?”  Congratulations.  You have now elevated yourself to business partner.

If you cannot find information like above, pose it in the form of a question.  “Mike, it looks like Sawyer Construction could possibly benefit from contacts I have at McKenzie Construction.  You service different industries, so there is no conflict.  Would you like for me to make an introduction?”

You see, prospects are not looking for someone to sell them something.  They are looking for a resource that can help them in as many parts of their business as possible.  They can pick up the phone and call any company to order something.  The odds of them calling you are as good as your competitors.  However, if you are the sales person who is not only selling them a product or service, but the one who helps them succeed on a business, professional and personal level, then your odds getting and keeping their business will dramatically increase.

Don’t be a seller.  Be a partner in your customer’s success.

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