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Free Sales Training Video Series – Always confirm an appointment.

Always confirm an appointment…automatically.

You’ve just completed a successful prospecting call and they want you to call them back next Tuesday at 10:00am ET.  So you dutifully thank them for the call, confirm the number to call back and say good bye.  Now what?  What is your next step before you document the call?

Your next step is a very effective one because it really takes advantage of technology at a low cost.   All you need is an integrated email calendaring system.  It could be Outlook, Google, whichever.  Simply send them a meeting reminder with a thank you message in the body of the message along with any other pertinent information you discussed.  If they’re serious they will accept and confirm the meeting.

Make sure you put a four hour window reminder in the email.  If for some reason they forget about your follow up call they will receive an automatic reminder.  By using four hours it gives them time to recover if they forgot or double-booked something.  Serious prospects will appreciate the efficiency and be glad you are organizing everything to make it easier for them to purchase.

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