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Part-Time Sales Management (sometimes called Fractional Sales Management) will save you money on employment taxes, benefits, and overhead while increasing sales and profits.  Just like a Fractional CFO or Fractional HR, payroll, etc., companies are outsourcing this crucial function to put “Best Practices” in place.  Click the Download button to check if a Part-Time Sales Manager will help you grow sales and keep you from wasting money.

With a recent customer, I helped a manufacturing company, where I wrote sales processes that increased their sales by 21%. After 18 months they invited me back to increase revenues by another 20+%.   In the second tenure, sales increased 61% Year-over-Year!  I can help you achieve that kind of success.

The methodology is simple:  I learn your business, go after the low-hanging fruit for quick wins, and then start building sales processes for repeatable, consistent sales.  I can also deliver custom sales training, sales coaching, and a Sales Playbook that supports the sales department.  We emphasize sales leverage.  Unfortunately, average salespeople think their only sales leverage is lowering their price.  We fix that.


From customers:

“We brought Louie in to help build a structure around our sales activities and growth. From job descriptions to building a complete sales playbook, Louie has been a valuable resource and is always on point when we need to strategize.”

“Louie’s leadership and sales processes were key to that growth. Most importantly, our team knew we could always count on Louie to get on the phone and help close deals when needed. Personally, I owe a lot of my success to the coaching and mentoring I received during Louie’s time at Izenda. I would recommend him as a valuable addition to any sales team.”

“If you needed help closing a deal, Louie was your man. I had never worked in a true sales role before, but Louie was willing to teach me. He helped me to improve my social skills and learn how to speak to people in a way that would get them to like and trust me.”

“As a sales leader, Louie relates well to customers, understands the value of the applications, and is very effective in handling competition. His reputation is solid and includes constructive contributions to the organizations that he has served and the Atlanta technology community. I endorse him with enthusiasm and hope to have an opportunity to work with him again.”

“Not to be cliché, but Louie has forgotten more about sales and marketing than most people know. He is a tenacious, hard-working competitor and I recommend him without reservation!”

Can I work remotely?  Absolutely!  Nearly 83% of sales are made remotely.  Sales management, training, and coaching can be delivered that way too.

Contact me if you are looking for a part-time sales management requiring:

  • Sales Management, sales training, sales coaching, sales leverage, or developing a Sales Playbook
  • Sales strategies, sales processes, and sales systems (fluent in and Zoho CRM)
  • A B2B Sales outbound cadence for Telemarketers or Business Development Reps (BDR’s)
  • Management coaching
  • Email campaigns – I write all my own sales and marketing email campaigns.  Some have brought in $100’s of thousands in sales.


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sales trainer“I am a two-time winner of the American Association of Inside Sales Professionals (AA-ISP) Top 25 Most Influential Inside Sales Professionals Award, as well as an INC 500 Winner for building one of the fastest-growing private American companies over a five-year period.  I bring success and sales growth wherever I work.”

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