Sales Training: Day 107 – Objection: We’re happy with what we already have

Here’s another dagger into the heart of the average salesperson.  Master this objection and leave your competitors behind. Here’s the best part about this objection – your prospect is telling you they’re already using something similar to what you’re selling.  You don’t have to spend time educating them on why it’s wise to use a product like yours.  They’re already sold on the concept.  Now you need to help them understand why it’s a better idea for them to start using your product for the same purpose.

The first thing you want to do when you hear this objection is cushion it and affirm how smart they are for using a product like yours.  “Kelly, I’m really glad to hear you see the value in outsourcing your sales function.”  This one sentence will lower your prospect’s guard and make them more receptive to what you are saying.

From here there are several things you can say and/or questions you can ask after cushioning this objection:

  • Most of our current customers used <competitor’s product> when we first contacted them. (My favorite.)
  • If there is anything you could change about the way they do business, what would it be?
  • You mentioned you were just “happy.” People who use our service brag about us to their colleagues.  Can I tell you why?
  • <Competitor> is a fine company. Can I tell you why we win so often when competing against them?
  • Are you open to being a good consumer and willing to consider an alternative?

Selling to a company where the competition is currently embedded can be very difficult.  However, handling it with the right questions will give you a shot at removing the incumbent.  And that can be the sweetest sale of them all.

sales training
Sales training