Sales Training: Day 106 – Pin the cushion

When a prospect gives you an objection the natural thing to do is react and tell them how wrong they are.  That’s what amateurs do.  NOT professional sales people.   You need to let your prospect’s objections bounce off you like water off a wet duck.

Remember that objections are a prospect’s way of:

  • Looking for more information.
  • Trying to get clarification on a point.
  • Being difficult.

When a prospect throws an objection at you picture a couple boxers in the ring.  When one of the boxers throws a punch that barely hits or grazes the other boxer, the recipient feigns a response.  He looks at the other boxer with, is that all you got?  It’s very similar in sales.  You need to acknowledge the objection was thrown and show that it hasn’t hurt you by cushioning it and responding – with a question.  Your counter punch to the objection is a well prepared question.   The key is to not take the punch too hard.  You want to relax and cushion the blow.

Some examples:

Objection – We’re happy with what we’re using.
Cushion – It’s always good to have a smoothly running operation.

Objection – Your price is too high.
Cushion – Price can certainly be a consideration.

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Sales training