Sales Training Video – The Sales Playbook

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Free Sales Training Video Series – The Sales Playbook

If your company has a Sales Playbook, the sales people should be using it and not deviating from it at all.  If you do not have a Sales Playbook, you need to write one or have one written for you.  Having a well-defined process is the key to consistency amongst your reps.

The Sales Playbook should contain all the job functions, responsibilities and sales practices your sales people are required to know in order to close business. These include:

  1. Your company mission statement and core values.
  2. Your sales team’s core values.
  3. Telephone calling scripts – Cold, Warm and Hot.
  4. Telephone voicemail scripts.
  5. Qualifying questions.
  6. Trial closes.
  7. Closing questions.
  8. Guidelines for face-to-face meetings.
  9. A complete list of your company’s products or service benefits.
  10. A list of responses to prospect objections.
  11. Procedures on how to deliver demos and presentations.
  12. Email templates that address all phases of the customers buying cycle.
  13. The competition…. and more.

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