A Delicate Balance.

Over the years, my view of bringing in customers on a monthly or quarterly basis, and how it affects customer satisfaction, have evolved.  I’ve had the opportunity to look at delivering sales results from both the sales rep’s and sales manager’s point of view.

The sales rep wants to grow his/her income, be the top sales producer, and keep their job.  The sales manager needs to make their quota, to grow their income and keep their job!  The pressure I’m talking about comes in around the last week of the month or quarter.

Many of us have had that customer that is right on the edge.  If you nudge them just a bit the right way, the business may close.  If you nudge them the wrong way, or at the wrong time, you can push them off the cliff.  This the Delicate Balance.  I believe you want customers and not just deals.  So, both the sales rep and the sales manager need to take the long view.  Try what you can, but the deal will close when the time is right.  If the deal closes the first week of the following month, so be it.  I have been fortunate to sell for companies that take this position:  It’s better to have a happy customer a week late, than no customer.  Or even worse, a prospect that thinks you are either a pest or desperate.  Sales is about quotas and growth.  But making quota should not come at the expense of growing a good, loyal customer base.

Sales Homework
– Schedule your follow up calls to allow enough time to bring home the business when you need it.  Develop the TRUSTED Advisor mindset.  If this is not in synch with your management’s philosophy, it may be time to make a career decision.

Sales Managers – You need to trust your sales reps to make the right decisions, or don’t have them on the team.  If your managers are not in synch with the idea that good business is better than no business, it may be time for you too, to make a career decision.

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