Sales Management: Week 8 – 21 Disciplines

Week 8 of 21 Disciplines – Focus on getting customers, not deals.

If you’re in a B2B business your growth will come from repeat business or recurring revenue from your existing customer base.  You can make questionable promises to close a single deal but that’s not how you build a business.  (Don’t forget, even if you don’t own the company or you are not the CEO, you need to approach the sales department like it is your business.)  Your sales reps should know in advance how satisfied your customers will be one month, or one year, after their first purchase.  They know this because they know what kind of company you are, how good your products and services are, and how good you are at standing behind everything you say and do.

Make sure your reps aren’t making promises your bank account or support team can’t keep.  It starts with you letting your reps know your company can’t realistically do some things just to get the deal, if you cannot.  And they need to know you are okay with that.  It may mean smaller short-term gains, but it translates into happier, longer-term customers and profits.

In my career I have had several long-term customers come back to me for additional purchases, because they knew what they would get:  The truth and an honest transaction.  Plus, they would often pay more because they Trusted me.  They learned from their first order, that if there was ever a problem with their product or service, or an opportunity for me to offer them a lower price or better terms, that I would work to get what I could for them.  It sometimes meant losing out on a particular deal because of budget constraints.  But I always know, with these particular customers, that if they have a need for something I can sell to them, and they have the money, they will make their purchase with me.   And that is exactly the kind of salesperson and sales team you want to build.

part-time sales management

Part-Time Sales Management