Sales Management: Week 4 – 21 Disciplines

Week 4 of 21 – Nurture a desire to be better than the competition.

No mistake about it, the top performing rep is the one who does not like to lose.  You want reps that hate losing to the competition and don’t do well at all with coming in second place.  You must instill the concept that “there is no money for second place in sales.”  Until they embrace this concept, they will never have a sense of urgency that is required for being a top producing sales rep.

I believe most of a person’s competitive nature comes naturally.  However, there things you can do to enhance that competitive spirit.

  • Ring the bell! I love having a sales bell in the office.  When a sales rep makes a sale, they get to ring the bell.  I know it sounds corny or even immature, but it works.  Everyone wants to ring that bell.  And they want to ring it loud.  It is almost like yelling, hey, look at me. Your sales reps may work a bit harder and more competitively for the chance to make some noise in front of everyone.
  • Loudly and publicly praise and glorify others’ success. Everyone wants to be acknowledged and praised in front of others.  Send out emails and announce in team meetings, how well the sales rep who is closing more business, is doing.  Envy can be a great motivator.
  • Sales contests are great for developing internal competition. First, the prize needs to be something everyone wants.  (You usually can’t go wrong with money, but there are lots of other prizes.)  Make sure the rules are published, clear and not debatable.  If you fudge something in a contest such as allowing an order to count five minutes after the contest ends, you will lose all credibility.

Side note:  Winning and competitive attitudes are great to have from your sales reps, as long as they don’t point those fangs at their colleagues.  Yes, you can and should have internal sales contests.  However, efforts at winning the real prize must be directed at the prospect and the competition.

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