Sales Management: Week 2 – 21 Disciplines

Week 2 of 21 – Build a desire to learn and get better.

Sales reps, like other professionals, need the drive to become the best at their craft.  With the web, eBooks, podcasts, email newsletters, etc., it is easy to find relevant, well-designed sales training.  A lot of this training is free.  I offer free training videos at  They are summaries of the some of the lessons in this course.

You can do your part by providing an environment that is abundant with tools and by pointing them to the above resources.  The regularly scheduled training session is also a must.  You may get resistance at first, but the reps who want to succeed will come to demand these learn-and-grow sessions.  At our company we run sales training every business day at noon.  We usually don’t go longer than 33 minutes and it really helps develop the attitude of growing and getting better.

Next to the content, it is consistency that’s at the heart of getting better.  You probably know that it’s better for you to exercise or practice a musical instrument 30 minutes a day, rather than exercise or practice one day a week for three hours; or one day a month for 10 hours.  You lose your focus.  You lose it because you don’t use it.  With consistent practice, a ritual if you will, learning becomes a habit.  When you make sales training a habit, you’re always thinking like a salesperson.  And when that happens, your income accelerates.

While the lessons only take a few minutes to read, the rest of your 33-minute training session should be used to apply each lesson to your product and/or any sale on which you are currently working.  This typically works best with the sales manager leading the discussion and getting input from all the sales reps.

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