Sales Management: Week 16 – 21 Disciplines

Disciplines: 16 of 21 – Rules rule.

Nothing helps keep the peace better in a sales team than sales rules.  These are sales rules that are followed regardless of the outcome.  I don’t care if your rule states that if you don’t call a customer in 30 days you lose it and that account belongs to your top rep.  Follow the rules for everyone.  That’s what fair.  Aside from keeping the peace, and after everyone loses an account they thought was theirs, they will stay on top of the business without any coaching from you.  Plus, when you do stick to the letter of the law, your sales reps will always consider you to be fair and you will have their respect.

It only takes one time.  If you show any favoritism or bias toward one rep over another just once, as it relates to sales rules, you will probably never get that part of trust back from all your sales reps.  Trust, just as with a customer, is earned over time but can be lost in an instant.  If your sales reps believe you live by the rules you put in place, they will focus more on their job of selling rather than worrying about being cheated.

Here’s a tip:  I usually suggest praising in public and punishing in private.  This is an exception.  Enforce or interpret the rules in front of the whole team.  Let everyone know your group sells and lives by the rules.

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