Sales Management: Week 15 – 21 Disciplines

Disciplines: 15 of 21 – Teach them to draw…the lines.

Business is a two-way street.  You obviously want to sell as much of your product as possible.  When your customer purchases your product they are, hopefully, purchasing it to fill a need within their company.  At that point they probably need you as much as you need them.  Everybody wins.  That does not, however stop some customers from bullying and trying to take advantage of the situation; especially, with junior sales people.

Many customers will ask for as much as they can get.  They want better pricing, more time to evaluate your product, better terms.  The list goes on.  Your reps need to be coached where to “draw the line.”  Several considerations can go into customer concessions and ultimately you will settle on reasonable terms.  However, your reps need to know when they are being taken advantage of and when they need to say “no.”  And you need to stand behind them.  If your reps believe they will “for sure lose the deal” if they don’t acquiesce, engage them in a one-on-one coaching session on confidence.

When you feel your sales reps are being taken advantage of, or you cannot get the prospect communicate or cooperate, it’s time to draw that line.  Many times either I or my sales reps, when we reach that line have told the prospect, “I just don’t think we are the right company for you.”  A lot of people will see this sentence a tactic or trick (or maybe stupid).  It is not.  If you reach your line in the sand, say it and mean it.  It will get to the heart of the matter very quickly.  Like any good negotiation, you need to be able to walk away.  But if I had a count of every time I used this approach in my career, I would say the deal got worked out at least 75% of the time.  Don’t forget, they need you too.  This will uncover how much.

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