Sales Management: Week 14 – 21 Disciplines

Disciplines: 14 of 21 – Make them see themselves as equals.

My first sales job out of college was an IT recruiter.  I was very envious of the people I was recruiting because they were getting good job offers and being courted every day by people like me.  I put them on an imaginary pedestal.  So, I actually left my recruiting job for a position (at half the pay) to be a programmer.  While the position ultimately gave me good background for my future B2B sales jobs and running my company, I realized there was nothing special about the people I was recruiting.  Indeed, when I learned about the pressures of their job (and the day in and day out mundane tasks), I realized sales would be a much better, and rewarding career for me.

Too many salespeople see themselves as less-than-equal compared to the decision maker to whom they are trying to sell.  It can be for any number of reasons, but that attitude needs to be eliminated.  Your sales reps need to convey to the buyer that they too are professionals and that their time is valuable.  This attitude will transmit confidence which will translate into buyers’ confidence toward your sales reps.

It starts with you.  Let your reps listen in on your calls to prospects and customers.  Let them see that a sales professional demands as much respect and courtesy as anyone else, regardless of whether or not the salesperson is trying to sell something.  If indeed they are a well-qualified prospect, then it is your sales rep that should a little put off from a “more important” person as you are there trying to help them in a deficient area within their company.

Getting this attitude under their belts will solve issues in other areas as well.  Gone will be the “am I bugging them?”, “they make a lot more money than me so who am I to tell them what to do?” attitude.  Your reps will start to approach your prospects with confidence that comes from understanding that business is a two-way street.  No one side can accomplish the task without the other.  One hand washes the other and together they get clean.

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