Sales Management: Week 12 – 21 Disciplines

Disciplines: 12 of 21 –Elevate reps to become a “Trusted Advisor.”

It takes a lot to earn the status of Trusted Advisor.  You have reached the pinnacle of the sales profession when your customer gives you this title.  It is a status you want all your sales reps working to achieve.  Because this is so crucial, please go back and read the lesson, Day 5 – The Trusted Advisor, and follow the advice given so your sales reps can earn that badge of honor.  Don’t get hung up in the term.  It’s the actions of how your customers treat your sales reps that really matters.

Your attitude toward helping your reps achieve this status should be so ingrained in their heads that when a customer situation comes up they should be thinking, I know what <your name> would want me to do.  I really don’t believe in nagging or babysitting sales reps.  It is a waste of everyone’s time.  However, the Trusted Advisor “concept” is one that needs to be repeated verbally and in writing, over and over again.

Work toward developing the attitude of, customers for life.  They won’t all be customers for life, but if you treat them that way, more of them will be helping you pay your bills year after year.  Once again, this has nothing to do with Trusted Advisor term.  Like everything else in sales, it has everything to do with your attitude and your focus.  Constant repetition and reinforcement will make this a habit.  And one you never want to break.

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Part-Time Sales Management