Sales Management: Week 10 – 21 Disciplines

Week  10 – 21 Disciplines

Learn, practice or drill a sales lesson every day.


You never see a major league baseball player skip batting practice on game day.  And many of those players make millions of dollars.  Professional golfers hit the practice range with a coach before the start of every tournament round.  Professionals know they can never stop practicing and honing their game.  Top sales professionals know this as well.  That’s why they constantly practice and refine their sales skills so they’re ready to help move any sale along at a moment’s notice.

We hold a sales training session every business day at our company.  We found that noon works best for us.  Lunch is allowed.  Usually no longer than 33 minutes. Monday through Thursday will typically be a lesson from this course and Friday will be something around product or industry training.  We also sign up for other sales trainer’s webinars on different topics.  Nobody knows everything.  Many times we will review and brainstorm a deal one of the sales reps is working on.  This is a really great practice to do for a few reasons:

  • Lots of input gets people thinking in different ways.
  • You can come up with new questions for the prospect.
  • Newer reps learn from the more experienced reps.
  • It can show where there are some areas of deficiency.

Another thing I found effective is having one of the senior reps deliver a sales training lesson on a topic with which they are familiar.  Not only will the lesson have credibility because it is coming from someone who was in their shoes, but it also reinforces the material and concepts for the presenter.

Emphasize to your reps that being a Professional Salesperson is a lifelong endeavor.  That to get to the top and stay is a continual practice.  A key to mastering any skill is to learn, practice and deliver every day.  Consistency is the cornerstone to building a winning sales team.

“Consistent practice brings mastery.” – George Leonard

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Part-Time Sales Management