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sales trainingThe complete Sales Getters Sales Training System© can be purchased by clicking the book.

Learn more, so you can earn more!

Investing in this course shows a real commitment on your part to improve your sales results and earn more money.  If you follow the advice in this system, practice the lessons and put them to use, I guarantee you will get results.

There are 262 business days in a calendar year.   Some years have 260 or 261 days, so you will never have a business day without a training lesson (important concept).  The Sales Getters Sales Training System has 262 sales training tips, suggestions and homework assignments for both the sales person and the sales manager.  Consistency is the cornerstone to improvement.   Sales training every day keeps you in the sales mindset.  And it can be fun.

This system contains several tips, approaches, techniques and strategies.  There is no trickery, deceitfulness or unethical behavior included herein or recommended.  A Professional Salesperson does none of those things.  A Professional Salesperson delivers truthful, valuable information in a timely, ETHICAL, structured and prepared manner which allows someone who has a need for that salesperson’s product, to make an informed and committed decision.

While the lessons only take a few minutes to read, the rest of your 33-minute training session should be used to apply each lesson to your product and/or any sale on which you are currently working.  This typically works best with the sales manager leading the discussion and getting input from all the sales reps.