Ring the Bell

Looking to enhance the friendly competitiveness of your sales team?

I was reminded of this idea watching the reality show, Selling Sunset. The show is about super-competitive real estate agents who sell multi-million-dollar homes in southern California. (And earn VERY big commissions.)

Here it is: Get a big bell with a pull cord.

Yep. Put the bell on the wall so the salespeople can ring it when they make a sale.

Working from home? Get your own bell!  And Zoom it so everyone gets involved.

I believe most of a person’s competitive nature comes naturally. However, the bell can enhance that competitive spirit.

One company I worked with only let the salesperson ring the bell if the deal was over a certain amount. I changed that in a hurry.

Success brings more success. Once you start ringing the bell, no matter how small a deal, you work harder to do it again; because it feels good and it’s fun.

At a time when many people are feeling isolated, ringing that bell may be just the thing that resonates.

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