Questions Go Both Ways

I was giving a demo of our software to a sales prospect, that was set up by one of our Business Development Reps (BDR’s).  At the beginning of the demo, I asked my usual set of questions so I would know what would be important to cover during the demo.  She let me know, and I jumped right in.  After covering a few things, I asked if she had any questions about what I covered.  “Nope”, she replied.  After showing a couple more features and benefits of the software.  I asked again, “Any questions?”  Again, nope.  I asked, “Does this look like it would help you?” She answered, “Yes, maybe.”  I tried to drill down but no real response.  Toward the end of the demo, I realized this prospect was never going to buy.  Why?

People who are serious about making a purchase, especially a significant purchase, will have a lot of questions.  Can I…?  Will it allow me to…?  How does it…?  Is xyz included?  They are already envisioning themselves using your product and how they can take complete advantage of it.  If they’re not asking questions, they are not seeing it.

So, what can you do?  I always think the direct approach is the best approach.  Remember, your time is valuable and cannot be wasted with someone who is not a good prospect.  Say to them, “You’re not asking many questions, so I’m thinking this might not be the best fit for you.”  Pause and wait for a response.  Most times they will tell you the truth and help accelerate the inevitable.  Often, they will try to be polite and just say, “No questions here.”

You must be a good listener to be a top salesperson.  That means not only listening to the answers to your questions, but also listening for the questions they don’t ask.

Sales Homework
– On your next demo or presentation, engage your audience with questions.  And listen for theirs.

Sales Managers – Make sure your BDR’s are putting qualified prospects in front of your Account Executives.  It also helps to practice listening exercises with your team.

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