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Free Sales Training Video Series – Qualifying your prospect

Qualifying your prospect –

How do you know if you have a qualified prospect?  For most companies, at least the following is required for a prospect to be qualified.  They should:

Have a business pain, need or desire that has made purchasing your product, or one like yours, a top priority.  This could be:

  • One of their customers (external or internal) is demanding something your product helps them deliver.
  • They’re losing deals to the competition.
  • They’re trying to stay, or become, a leader in their industry.
  • They’re looking for another revenue stream that your product provides.
  • Have a budget allocated, or can get funds for your product.
  • Have a sense of urgency.
  • Be involved in making the final decision.

You need to put together your own list of what a qualified prospect is for you, as it relates to your product.  For example; at Sales Getters, a qualified prospect for our business would be someone and a company who:

  • Needs to grow a segment of, or all of, their sales. (Pain)
  • Has a budget or agrees with the ROI that can be delivered to them. (Money available)
  • Needs revenue quickly. (Urgency)
  • Has the VP of Sales or CEO involved. (Decision maker)

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