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Hiring a bad sales manager can cost 3x or 4x as much in time AND money, as a good hire. Without any return!

You don’t have to make this mistake.

I made it for you!

I already made the mistake of hiring bad, unqualified managers! And it cost me plenty to learn the lessons of a bad hire. I wasted salary, training costs, lost opportunities, time looking for a new manager, and just staring at an empty seat. But then I got smart.

I developed a series of interview questions that uncovers the best sales managers.  And they’re yours, FREE.

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You’ll get questions to uncover:

Their real managing experience
How well they write
If they have “People savvy” skills
How they respond to difficult situations
How they handle terminations
How they performed at other companies
(Don’t take their word for it!)
And a ton more….

With these initial, 2 skill-revealing interview questions to ask a sales manager, you’ll uncover, in the first 30 minutes, if this person will help grow your business or drag it down.

You even get questions for their references (and one that’s really revealing).

It also comes with a scoring system and responses you should hear from your applicant, so there is no guesswork!

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