I got kicked out

Believe it or not, I got kicked out of the delivery room in the hospital.

It was one of the highest and lowest points of my life.

On August 4, 1983, my wife was in labor with our first son.
And I was there with her.

When I saw our son starting to come out, I started screaming with joy. I have no idea where that emotion came from, but it just came out.

It was the most excited I’d ever been.

The nurse looked up in shock at me and said, “Sir, you have to leave the room.”

This is what I have come to refer to as a “feel-it-again” moment.

Business can be tough. We go through ups and downs.

The key is to realize when you’re down and have something to get yourself back up. To get back in the game.

That’s when you use a feel-it-again moment.

For me, when I’m frustrated or a little down, I pause and reach for a feel-it-again moment (I have a few). I try to recapture that feeling I had during that exhilarating time. It always brings a smile to my face.

Surely you have one of those moments.
It doesn’t have to be the birth of your first child. 🙂

It can be any kind of success or exhilarating moment from your past.

When you’re stressed, frustrated, or down reach for one of your feel-it-again moments and watch your attitude shift. It’s amazing!

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