How’s your team’s attitude?

If you want to have a high-functioning sales team, they need to be firing on all cylinders. And that starts with their attitude. With a bad attitude, usually nothing good happens. With a positive attitude, goals and quotas that started as a wish list can be far exceeded.

I don’t think the old adage; attitude is everything, is correct. But it sure helps when you have a good one. I’ve walked into work with a bad attitude. Maybe it was from bad weather, horrible traffic, kids making me late, etc. I’ve also walked into work with a good, positive attitude. One thing I can tell you; when I have a good attitude, I get a lot more done, have better interactions with my coworkers, and am more enthused when talking with my customers – which always leads to more sales and better profits.

Things happen around and/or to you, but you have the power to decide how you’ll respond. This is really the true meaning of freedom; the freedom to choose how you react to the world. Nobody can give that to you or take it away. Before you get out of your car in front of the office or pick up the phone if you are a work-at-home salesperson, stop and do something that puts you in an awesome state of mind. You will be a happier, healthier, and more productive salesperson, which is good for you and everyone with whom you come into contact. What I do believe to be correct is the old adage; a good attitude is contagious. Start spreading yours.

Sales Homework – List three things you do or enjoy that always makes you feel good and always improves your attitude. Be specific. Then, practice them every day.  Here are some examples; listening to music that touches your soul, reading spiritual books, exercising, playing a musical instrument, writing. Now list yours.

1. ___________________________________________________________________

2. ___________________________________________________________________

3. ___________________________________________________________________

Sales Managers and CEOs – While it is not your job to be a therapist, it is your job to make sure your team is firing on all cylinders. Review the list above with your sales reps and think about how you can support those activities. It will pay financial dividends to you.

P.S. Don’t forget about yourself.

Bonus Tip – Read, Man’s Search for Meaning by Viktor Frankl.  Viktor Frankl was a holocaust prisoner who survived, in part, by controlling his attitude.

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