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How to be a Professional B2B Salesperson©

  • Wish you had the EXACT words for every sales objection,
    gatekeeper, and stalled sales prospect?

  • Want sales leverage on every deal?

  • Learn the words that will rock your commissions. 

Sales training

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Would you pay less than $16 to earn an additional $5,000, $10,000, or $30,000+ in sales commissions, year over year?  Of course! Who wouldn’t?  That’s what my B2B sales system did for my earnings. (But it was a lot more than that.)  Notice I said, earn.  This is NOT a, get-rich-quick scheme.

It is a proven, winning B2B sales system that will work if you read and practice. With the Kindle version, you can use your phone, PC, Kindle, or tablet.  It’s so practical you can even bring up a technique or lesson on your phone just before contacting a prospect!

This comprehensive B2B sales training system (588+ pages), is a daily dose of sales training lessons that will give you sales leverage and help you become a top-producing salesperson.  It’s so practical you can even bring up a technique or lesson on your phone just before contacting a prospect!

You will know exactly what to say to close business.  You get real-world effective training with examples you can put to use every day; 262 practical lessons to guide you – one for each business day of the year; 52 lessons designed exclusively for sales managers.

sales trainer

Who am I to tell you how to sell?
I have been successfully selling products and services my entire career. I have won sales awards at every company I have worked for or have run. One of my own companies was included in the INC. 500 list for one of the fastest-growing private companies in America, over a five-year period.

I’ve encountered just about every type of sales situation you will ever run into and I’ve turned them into gold. In this book, I show you how to do the same. What you get here is not theory. You get real-world, effective training, with examples, you can put to use every day.

You get 262 sales lessons; one for each business day of the year.  Plus, there are 52 lessons designed exclusively for B2B Sales Managers. (Is that part of your career path too?)  And yes, this system works for both products and services.

Learn how to:

  • Never be afraid to cold call again.
  • Prospect – the right way.
  • Give the exact, correct response for any sales objection.
  • Drastically reduce the time to close sales. Get a stalled sale moving
  • Keep your pipeline full so you always have consistent years.
  • Win more sales against the competition.
  • How to close for the most money – and when.
  • Secure your sales job.
  • And a ton more!

Sales Managers get:

  • Training sessions you can lead, saving thousands!
  • Lessons are matched to your training needs.  No wasting time or money.
  • Better margins on every deal.
  • Immediate follow-up and reinforcement ideas.
  • Proven tips, techniques, and strategies that deliver immediate results.
  • Step-by-step salesperson prospecting and cold calling strategies.
  • An easy way to match sales ROI to the sales training lessons.
  • Training is delivered in bite-sized pieces so there is no sales rep overload.
  • Sales Management philosophy that emphasizes coaching vs managing.

So what are you waiting for?  If you only get one additional deal from something you learn here, (although I’m sure you will get a ton more) why not invest in your career?! Get this book now and start growing your income.  Go here: