How a good salesperson can be bad

How could such a good salesperson be so bad?

Don’t watch what they say.

Watch what they actually produce.

My first sales job was IT recruiter. One of the toughest sales jobs there is.

We were required to get both, a job order from the company looking to hire, and “send-outs” getting the candidates to the interview.

At the end of each day, we had to give our results/numbers of job orders and send-outs.

A new person, Hal, started, and almost immediately he was getting more send-outs than anyone, and way higher than the average. Man, he was Impressive. Got accolades from everyone.

What was his secret??

Well, after a couple of months his placement ratio (send-outs to hires) didn’t align with how many people he was sending out on interviews.

So, the boss started calling his applicants to see what was happening.

It turns out Hal was misleading the candidates about the job and would talk them into going on the interview.

Hal was let go the following day.

Lying or misleading in sales or business will only get you so far. It will catch up with you.

If you’re in charge of the sales department you sometimes have to dig deep to get to the truth. To get the REAL forecast. Don’t get excited about the way things are looking. Get excited when the results show up.

I love the Chinese proverb: Talk does not cook rice.

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