Gold Calls

You’re Business Development Reps (BDRs) may be sinking the ship without you even knowing it.

And it’s probably your fault.

But you can right that ship with one simple daily routine that starts the night before.

Before the BDRs leave for the day ask them to pick one or two of their recorded calls from the day, which achieved their objective; scheduling a meeting, demo, etc. (Note: If you don’t record these calls have them put their notes into your CRM system.)

Then, the first thing the next morning, play one or two of those calls.

Have the BDR and everyone else comment on what made that call good. I call these, Gold Calls. (Pro tip: keep them in a digital library for onboarding new BDRs.)

This meeting should not last longer than 20 minutes. The training, coaching, and reinforcement of the correct way to make the outbound call, will pay huge dividends. And it will start the day with everyone ready to go.

Your BDR’s call may be the first interaction your potential customer has with your company.

Make it a Gold Call.

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