Get Excited About Your Product or Service

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Get excited about your product or service.

Excitement is contagious.  In sales you need to be the one to start the excitement.  But it has to be genuine.  You have to be genuinely passionate and excited about your product.

I have a close friend and neighbor who at one time worked for Coca Cola.   Coke has made its living on its brand and its brand loyalty.  And that loyalty follows the employees home.  One time when our kids were younger, his daughter ordered a pizza from Pizza Hut.  Pizza Hut at that time was a Pepsi company.  Well, that pizza never made it to the kitchen table.  I don’t even think the dog got it.

The Coke employees are excited about their product and are very proud of their company.  I never saw a Toyota in the parking lot of the GM factory near my home. And you would never FedEx your proposal to UPS.  (Although sadly, I’m sure some have.)

Use your product.  If possible, buy your product. Get to know it inside and out.  And then get excited about your product.  Your excitement will be transferred to your prospects.  People love to get involved with things when excitement surrounds those things.  It reinforces their buying motivation and makes it fun for them.

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