The Gatekeeper in Your Mind

Is your mind the Gatekeeper to your success?

It almost cost me one of my biggest deals.

And if you’re a small business owner or CEO, it can be disastrous for your business.

Early in my sales career, I was knee-deep in a big deal that would have been the largest sale for the company that year. It was an enterprise-wide opportunity that was worth millions of dollars.

As you might imagine, the competition was fierce. And the pressure from my management was intense. They wanted this deal badly and let me know that every chance they got.

I was into the seventh month of the sale cycle when I found myself sitting in my car in the office parking lot thinking:
·        I’m not sure I’m going to get this deal closed.
·        If I don’t win this deal, I may get fired.
·        If I lose my reputation will be badly damaged, and
I may not recover.
·        Plus, I won’t get a huge commission check.
·        Maybe I should just quit now.

To add to the pressures, I had just bought my first house and our first child was on the way. What would they think of me, the great provider??

This was a negative thinking spiral. I was not allowing any room for positive, inspiring thoughts. No room for hope.

Unknowingly, I had blocked them out. I needed to keep going with a smile on my face like everything was great. I had to fake it till made it.

What I really needed to do was to get rid of the negative thoughts and make room for the positive ones, to get the job done.

Ever been in this mental place?
Here’s the first thing you should do:
Clear your Mindspace.

Make room for the thoughts that allow you to prosper and thrive.

The best and quickest way to do that is to stop complaining, criticizing, and blaming.

It’s tremendously effective in clearing out the negativity and making room for positive thoughts.

However, it is not easy. Try doing it at home and work for five straight days. If you stumble start the clock again.  I’ve done it.  Had to start multiple times.

If you want real success, understand that nothing worthwhile comes easy; except complaining, criticizing, and blaming.

You are in control. Take control. You can do this. Go for it!

90% of sales outcomes are a result of what’s going on under the surface. I call this The Iceberg Effect. As salespeople that 90% will have a profound impact on your income. If you want to control and improve that 90% go here or Follow me on LinkedIn here. 

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