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Like. Trust Buy.  The Magic Words. How to be the #1 Salesperson
Building Rapport Your Sales Attitude is Everything
Never Lie.  Don’t Mislead. The Trusted Advisor

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How to Set Sales Goals:  The Preparation Using a Sales Playbook
Turning a Cold Call Warm Getting Past the Gatekeeper
Leaving Voicemail Qualifying Your Prospect
Alternate of Choice Questions Assume the Sale
Yikes! I Sent the wrong information.  Unstalling a stalled sale
Be Careful with Web Meetings  Writing Right
Objection:  Your Price is Too High Your New Account: Part 1- Research
Your New Account:  Part 2- Making the Call The Five W’s and an H
Don’t End Up Like Wally Pipp How to Use Video Testimonials
Voicemail After Hours A Note on Saying, Thank You
Train Like a Pro Sales Leverage
The Sales Takeover – Part 1 The Sales Takeover – Part 2
Getting Testimonials Thank You Notes
Tenacity Talk Like a Sales Professional
Storytelling The Slippery Deal
Show, then Tell Responding to Setbacks
Sales is an Art Sales is a Science
 Sales Discipline How to Sell Add On Services
Restate the Problem Return on Investment – ROI
Role Playing Change is good. But hard!
Prospects Buy.  Don’t Sell. The Puppy Dog Close
Trying You On For Size They’re Google-ing You Too
Just Send Me a Proposal The Sales Proposal Template
The Price Hasn’t Changed…Yet Price Fishing.  Don’t Get Hooked.
The Perfect Close.  Your Mouth. Paint a Picture
How to Organize Your Sales Day Closing:  One Last Thing
Mental Wind Sprints How to Network
Multiple Contacts are Better The Match Game
The Meeting Follow Up Document An Interview with Louie Bernstein
Know When to Cut Your Losses What’s the Key to the Deal?
Sales Jargon Just Checking In
Integrity Humility
How’s it going?  Ugh. How to set sales goals: The Preparation.
How to make the signer look good:  And why you should. How to be the #1 Salesperson
Get Proactive and Get More Sales How to Ask More Prospecting Questions:  Dill Baby, Drill.
Get excited about your product or service. First Impressions Last
No Fear Never lie. Don’t mislead.
The Elevator Pitch Emails With Benefits.
The Easiest Sell Be an Educator
Delivering a Sales Presentation Always Deliver Value
Is there anything else? When to Close the Sale
Present Your Best Daily Sales Training
Closing:  If I can…? Clarifying Questions
Call at the top…wherever that is. How many times to call a sales prospect.
How to Build Trust Building Rapport
Beating the fear of rejection over the phone. The Ben Franklin Close
Be the expert and be known. Be polite and get more orders.
An Ace of an Attitude  Remember Your Customer’s Anniversary
Unreasonable Requests  Forget the Jargon
 The Sales Agenda  Always confirm an appointment…automatically.
Take Charge  Just Think
 Not knowing everything.  Create a Sales Process
Um, you know.  Body, Mind, Spirit:  Mind
Body, Mind, Spirit:  Body  Body, Mind, Spirit:  Spirit
The Sound and Tone of Your Voice Sales Rituals
Don’t be a Sales Politician Handling Sales Objections
The Request for Proposal (RFP) To The Best of My Recollection
Prospects versus Customers People Hear What They Want to Hear
Optimism One Last Thing
Numbers and Statistics No Money for Second Place
Negotiating Multitasking
Men and Women Losing a Sale
Listening I’ll be in your area
Using Humor Don’t be an Errand Boy
Fear, Uncertainty, Doubt (FUD) Assume the Sale
The Success Log I’ll Be Back
Bluffing Breaking the Ice
Be a Business Person Be a Chameleon
Sweeten Up Your Meeting Clarifying Questions
Confirm the Objection What If They Do Nothing

The Sales Getters Sales Training System is designed to help you become a master of your craft and increase your income, every business day.   Next to the content, it’s consistency that’s at the heart of this system.  You probably know that it’s better for you to exercise or practice a musical instrument 30 minutes a day, rather than exercise or practice one day a week for three hours; or one day a month for 10 hours.  You lose your focus.  You lose it because you don’t use it.  With consistent practice, a ritual if you will, learning becomes a habit.  When you make sales training a habit you’re always thinking like a sales person.  And when that happens, your income accelerates.

Sales education should be taking place throughout your day; CD’s or podcasts in the car are a very good use of your sales training day; especially at the start of the day. It puts you in the right sales frame of mind.  Structured sales training should be viewed like your daily exercise routine (which will also help your sales attitude).  A good time for structured sales training is around noon, which is when most customers (East coast – adjust accordingly) are at lunch.  While they eat, you learn.  Lunch should be allowed into the training sessions.  What a great use of lunchtime!  You need to choose which time of the day works best for your organization.

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