I Don’t Sell Anything

It’s true. I have never grabbed someone’s hand, or keyboard, and made them authorize a sale.  They do that all on their own.  And therein lies the art of sales.  Your prospect must believe it is in their best interest to purchase your product and approve whatever order form or contract you have given them.

Too many salespeople think they are in control.  Maybe because their sales manager says, “Get out there and close something.”  I guess that’s easier than saying, “Provide enough value to your prospects, and enough benefits, so that they see it in their best interest to buy our product.”  The former statement is easier.  Approaching anything that takes skill and learning usually is more difficult. But this is where the top salesperson lives.

The top salesperson understands, Like > Trust > Buy.  In that order.  Once you start telling your prospect or customer, or they get the feeling, why it is good for you that they buy, they lose Trust.  Without Trust there is no Buy.  Understand this:  90% of corporate workers’ main goal is to make sure they still have a job tomorrow and the next day.  If they get a whiff that what your offering will cast them in a bad light, get them demoted or cost them their job because your product wasn’t what you said it was, your deal is done.

Getting sales prospects to buy, rather than your selling them, is what separates out the champions.  All champions know that to earn that status you must learn, practice, and execute over and over.  Good salespeople practice until they get it right.  Great salespeople practice until they can’t get it wrong.

Sales Homework – Learn how your customers buy.  Find out what’s important to them and then simply give it to them.  If they are in a position to make the decision on your product, or it makes them look good, they will be anxious to buy.

Sales Managers – Help your reps with this buyer-centric concept.  Maybe start with something or than, just go close something.

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