Complaining and Criticizing

Fix these two things and your career will improve.

Your personal life will become much better, too.

And you can start today.

In yesterday’s Sunday Starter, ( ) I talked about the overwhelming benefits of removing complaining, criticizing, and blaming from your life.

I challenged you to see if you could go seven days without either verbally or silently, refraining from those three poisons.

When you do remove them, you will free your mind of negativity and open it up to new, positive ideas that help us grow and flourish.

I gave examples of blaming. I guess because there’s so much of it in business.

But I didn’t give any examples of complaining or criticizing. So, here you go:

– I always get passed over for promotion.
– Our support department is terrible.
– Our company culture is toxic.

– You have no idea what you’re doing.
– Your decisions always turn out wrong.
– You’re horrible at investing our money.

Are the above true? They can be.
But that’s not the question.
The question is, what will you do about it?

I will tell you.

Don’t say them. And cut them off if you are thinking of them.

Turn your attention to saying something positive about the situation and set about trying to do that. Take control.

Only you can make yourself the victim of your thoughts.
And only you can become the leader of the movement to become better.

If you can do this for one week, you will start to see an improvement in your outlook because you have cleared your mindspace to make room for more positive, growth-oriented thoughts.

Make it a great complaint/criticize/blame-free week!

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