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Small business failure
90% of the small business sales departments I’ve visited, spoke with, or worked for were failing in one of these three areas. Here they are, and how to fix it: 1. All the outbound Business Development Reps (BDRs) more or less do their own thing. Sure, they received a script you carefully crafted. But they …

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I got kicked out
Believe it or not, I got kicked out of the delivery room in the hospital. It was one of the highest and lowest points of my life. On August 4, 1983, my wife was in labor with our first son. And I was there with her. When I saw our son starting to come out, …

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Focus on customers not deals
This one thing may put you ahead of every one of your competitors. If you can deliver one this one thing, you’ll be miles (or kilometers) ahead of all your competition. And, it’s the right thing to do. Much of your business growth should come from repeat business or recurring revenue from your existing customer …

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Factional sales management
Fractional sales management