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What’s old is sometimes new.
I usually look at a prospect response of, No, as Not Now. If they were good prospects for your product or service six months or a year ago, they’re probably good prospects now, and you’re wise to engage them again. Some ideas: – Be upfront. With a call or email, let them know you understand that, …

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Newsflash Salespeople: Nobody Cares About You
Newsflash salespeople:  Nobody cares about you. Not your coworkers, not your boss, not your competitors, not your customers, and certainly not your prospects. Sorry, but that’s the truth. They don’t care if you feel a little down. They don’t care if you didn’t get enough sleep and can’t pay attention or make enough calls. They …

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You’re Only A Failure, Today
Not hit your numbers today? Did you miss the number of appointments or meetings you were supposed to set? Were you busy checking Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn, then only to look up and see it was time for lunch? If you’re conscientious in your job you probably ended the day a bit dejected.  Maybe even …

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Meditation and Sales
Want to sell more or have better meetings? Head spinning or got anxiety before doing either? Here’s what to do.   Learn to Meditate. You may think there is no place in business for meditation, but you will be ignoring a 5,000-year-old practice, that can make you more money (really) and improve your career. Have you …

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How’s your team’s attitude?
If you want to have a high-functioning sales team, they need to be firing on all cylinders. And that starts with their attitude. With a bad attitude, usually nothing good happens. With a positive attitude, goals and quotas that started as a wish list can be far exceeded. I don’t think the old adage; attitude is everything, is correct. But …

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Separating the Best from the Rest
Given the exact same number and quality of leads, what separates the sales reps who close the most deals, from the lesser-performing reps? Listen up.  Here are three essential things that will separate a salesperson from 90% of the competition: Shut up. If you are speaking with a prospect, never talk when they are talking. Even if they …

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The Sales Slump
It happens.  You’re flying high closing multiple deals every month or quarter and then, wham.  Nothing.  Goose egg.  Not one sale.  What happened?  Well, the obvious first place to look is at yourself. Review your processes. Doing anything different? Listen to your calls if you record them. Have you been prospecting enough to keep your …

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Questions Go Both Ways
I was giving a demo of our software to a sales prospect, that was set up by one of our Business Development Reps (BDR’s).  At the beginning of the demo, I asked my usual set of questions so I would know what would be important to cover during the demo.  She let me know, and …

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Don’t Be A Mind Reader
I once had prospect who I thought would buy within a month.  After the presentation, she asked about pricing and requested a written quote and contract.  However, during the presentation she also mentioned that they had a ton of projects going on, but ours looked good.  I think I somewhat disregarded the part about the …

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