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Starve the Fear
Starve the fear. Feed the courage. There’s a story of an older man talking to his grandson. He says, there are two wolves fighting in my head. One wolf is fear, and the other wolf is courage. His grandson asks, which one is winning? The grandfather answers, the one I feed. We all have fears. And …

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Voicemail tip
Here’s is a voicemail tip you may not know. As a backgrounder to this tip, understand that a lot of people will not listen to your voicemail if they do not recognize your name or company. You may get deleted before you even get your message out. So, here it is: On your first voicemail …

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Face the Fear
The quiet part out loud. We were at that place in the customer’s buying journey where they needed to commit, or we needed to move on.  We were spending too much time, energy, and money to the point where the sale would not be worth it anymore. Plus, we were not spending time on other …

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The Golden Rule
The golden rule: Treat others the way you want to be treated. Perfect, right? Then why, in our career as salespeople, do we treat customers otherwise? Why do we think our pressures should become their obligation? It isn’t about us. It’s about them. It’s not your customer’s problem if your mortgage is due or the …

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Don’t be intimidated.
Don’t be intimidated. Unfortunately, many salespeople view themselves as less-than-equal to their prospects. It’s probably the same fear that people have who are afraid to ask a celebrity for their autograph (if they want one). Your prospects get up in the morning, use the bathroom and eat breakfast just like you. But for some reason, …

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Making friends
If you’re in sales and you want more prospects, 90% of your time should be spent on this one task. And it’s not complicated. It’s something you’ve done your entire life. Simply, make friends. Easy. Unless there are no other choices people, will not buy from you if they do not like you. Sorry, that’s …

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What if they say, maybe?
Yesterday I posted about two simple questions you can ask if you’re giving a demo of your SaaS product and the demo is going well. If you didn’t read yesterday’s post, please read that first. This will make more sense. This was the first question: “Does this look like it would help you?” You ask …

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Three simple words
If you’re selling SaaS and delivering demos, here’s something simple that has worked for me to close more sales, more quickly. Two qualifications for this approach to work well: 1. Your demo has gone well. 2. The person or people on the demo either needs to be decision-makers or report to the decision-maker(s). Here goes: …

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We win or we learn
We win or we learn. Sounds simple, right. But, in the heat of a disappointing sales loss, missed job promotion, or failed job interview, we’re typically more engulfed by the disappointment. If we don’t learn from our losses, mistakes, failures, it just compounds the disappointment. Next time you’re knocked back on your heels, try asking …

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Factional sales management
Fractional sales management