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Developing Resilience
If you’re not getting knocked down, you aren’t trying hard enough. Part of my success has come from being knocked down over and over. Yours can too. Every day in sales or running a small business we get knocked down. ·        New hires don’t show up. ·        Prospects hang up on us. ·        Deals getting delayed. ·        Our contact, …

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The Gatekeeper in Your Mind
Is your mind the Gatekeeper to your success? It almost cost me one of my biggest deals. And if you’re a small business owner or CEO, it can be disastrous for your business. Early in my sales career, I was knee-deep in a big deal that would have been the largest sale for the company …

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The “for sure” sale.
Here’s how a “for-sure” deal almost become Closed-Lost. I once had a contact tell me the project we were working on to help make them more effective, was a “done deal.” It was until it got to the desk of the CFO. Turns out, my contact was not totally forthcoming about the authority they said …

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Three words you need to avoid
There are three words you need to avoid at all costs. They will kill your job and career. They are, I would have …. I would have made quota if I would have gotten a promotion if I would have made more money if “If” shifts the blame to someone else. “If” takes away your …

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Ring the Bell
Looking to enhance the friendly competitiveness of your sales team? I was reminded of this idea watching the reality show, Selling Sunset. The show is about super-competitive real estate agents who sell multi-million-dollar homes in southern California. (And earn VERY big commissions.) Here it is: Get a big bell with a pull cord. Yep. Put the …

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Starve the Fear
Starve the fear. Feed the courage. There’s a story of an older man talking to his grandson. He says, there are two wolves fighting in my head. One wolf is fear, and the other wolf is courage. His grandson asks, which one is winning? The grandfather answers, the one I feed. We all have fears. And …

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Voicemail tip
Here’s is a voicemail tip you may not know. As a backgrounder to this tip, understand that a lot of people will not listen to your voicemail if they do not recognize your name or company. You may get deleted before you even get your message out. So, here it is: On your first voicemail …

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Face the Fear
The quiet part out loud. We were at that place in the customer’s buying journey where they needed to commit, or we needed to move on.  We were spending too much time, energy, and money to the point where the sale would not be worth it anymore. Plus, we were not spending time on other …

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The Golden Rule
The golden rule: Treat others the way you want to be treated. Perfect, right? Then why, in our career as salespeople, do we treat customers otherwise? Why do we think our pressures should become their obligation? It isn’t about us. It’s about them. It’s not your customer’s problem if your mortgage is due or the …

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Factional sales management
Fractional sales management