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The Sunday Starter 4-10-2022
  At one point in my life, I was being negative toward everyone. It cost me money and friends. So, I decided to take control. In this issue of the Sunday Starter, you’ll see three things that pollute our minds and what you can do to take control. Scientists say of the ~60,000 thoughts coming …

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Sales Manager vs Sales Coach
Every salesperson is different. Are you treating them that way? One of the keys for you, if you’re managing your sales team, is understanding that each of your sales reps is different. Each one responds differently to you and to external situations. This is not to say you don’t have rules that apply to everyone.  It means …

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The Sunday Starter 4-3-2022
  If you’re watching this on Sunday, we already have something in common: We like getting a jump on the week. I’m Louie Bernstein and I want to thank you for taking time out of your day to watch this inaugural edition of the Sunday Starter. The Sunday Starter is about YOU. And how you …

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How a good salesperson can be bad
How could such a good salesperson be so bad? Don’t watch what they say. Watch what they actually produce. My first sales job was IT recruiter. One of the toughest sales jobs there is. We were required to get both, a job order from the company looking to hire, and “send-outs” getting the candidates to …

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A skill to save time and money
Here’s a skill that will save small business owners and salespeople a lot of time. And when you save time, you save money. Most salespeople and mall business owners are, by nature, optimists. You need that optimism to get you going every morning. Unfortunately, too many times we let that optimism cloud our judgment. We lead …

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Salespeople and mental health
Am I the only one who thinks nobody talks about the mental health of salespeople? I know, I know, there’s only one rule in sales: Produce or you’re gone.  No excuses. But are small businesses and sales managers losing a piece of coal with a diamond inside? One way to find out.  Ask: Do you …

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Gold Calls
You’re Business Development Reps (BDRs) may be sinking the ship without you even knowing it. And it’s probably your fault. But you can right that ship with one simple daily routine that starts the night before. Before the BDRs leave for the day ask them to pick one or two of their recorded calls from …

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The Saturday-preneur
Saturday-preneurs have become the new business hero. Here’s four ways to tell if this is you – any one of these qualifies you: 1. It’s Saturday and you’re reading this post on LinkedIn. 2. You thought about your job or small business within 30 minutes of waking up on Saturday. 3. You feel a sense …

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A customer in crisis
Around 10 years ago I had a customer in a crisis. It was really bad. But, it was at that point I learned a valuable lesson: You never know the value of your vendor or salesperson when things are going well. You need to watch how they react when the sh*t really hits the fan.  Here’s …

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Factional sales management
Fractional sales management