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Free Sales Training Video Series – Be careful with web meetings

Be careful with web meetings 

I was attending an online meeting with one of my sales reps where he was showing our services on the screen for everyone to see.  During the presentation our prospect wanted to show us something they were doing and asked for control so he could show us what was on his screen.  When we gave over control it turned out he had his email inbox open and we were able to see and read the entries.  In the inbox, there was an email from one of our competitors who we did not know was being evaluated by our prospect!  Wow.  Needless to say, we adjusted our thinking.

This doesn’t stop with screen sharing.  I attended another online meeting with one of my sales reps.  The rep and I were in the online meeting room but the prospect had not yet arrived.  They were a couple minutes late.  So, my sales rep left the meeting to call the prospect and see where he was.  While he was calling him the prospect joined the meeting – by phone only and we started talking.  After a few seconds my rep jumped back in the meeting still not seeing the prospect in the meeting, and started talking about the gatekeeper at the prospect’s office and something else, not realizing our prospect was on the voice line.  Thank goodness the conversation didn’t go much further and I jumped in and screamed, “We are all on the call now!”  At least it felt like I screamed.

Let this be a lesson to you if do live or online meetings.

  • Learn how to use the online meeting software flawlessly.
  • Only have the applications and documents open you want your participants to see.
  • ALWAYS assume you are not alone in the meeting.

Online meetings are a great way to “meet” with your prospects and customers quickly and inexpensively.  Use this technology with skill, preparation and care.

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