A note on saying, thank you.

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A note on saying, “Thank you” 

Saying thank you never goes out of style.  While it is ultimately for their benefit your customer put in time, effort and maybe even put their career on the line to make a purchase with you.  Their purchase may have allowed you to pay your bills, surprise a loved one with a gift, take a vacation or just relax.

Yes, there are the customers who drag you through the mud, play you against your competition and beat you up on price.  However, they still bought.  Every one of your customers deserves a thank you note.  Some sales people send a thank you via email and that’s okay.  But if you really want to stand out, take the time to write a handwritten thank you note.  (If your handwriting is really bad like mine, it’s okay to print the card out on a laser printer.)  A hand written note shows you took the time and effort to appreciate what your customer did for you.

It’s best if you have nice, pre-printed cards with your company’s logo on them.  If your company will not provide these buy your own cards.  It’s not that expensive and it will pay dividends many times over.

Saying thank you isn’t just reserved for after you make a sale.  Start to make it a habit throughout your prospects (and customer’s) buying cycle.  All things being equal, would you rather do business with someone who is courteous and respectful, or a sales person who does not have good manners?  When you’re buying something I’m sure you like to be treated nicely and with courtesy throughout your buying process.  Just remember the simple rule you learned growing up:  Treat others the way you want to be treated.  It was good advice then and it’s good advice now.

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