A bad habit

Here’s a bad habit some CEOs have.

But some refuse to break it.

And it amazes it because it would help them grow their business.

Here’s the test:
If you’re a CEO with a sales team of 4+ and you can answer any of these three questions, then you’ve got the bad habit called, Entrepreneur-itis:

– What’s the voicemail script your salespeople leave for prospects?
– How far along in the buying cycle is each one of your salespeople’s
potential customers?
– At what point does a sales opportunity go from 25% to 50%, 50% to

If know the answer to any of these questions, you’re costing your company money.

Get out of the weeds.

Work on the company. Not in the company.

Get a sales manager or a fractional sales manager. That’s their job.

Yours is to grow all the aspects of the business.

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Factional sales management
Fractional sales management