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Your new account:  Part 1 - Research.


If you take over an existing account, you want to make sure the people in that account will be glad you’ve arrived.  However, you will not start off well by calling up and saying, “Hi, I’m your new sales rep. How’s everything going?”   They know how everything’s going for them.  If they really needed your help with a problem they were having, they probably would have called you.  With that opening line they’re thinking you believe you just found a gold mine.

A good approach when you’re taking over an existing customer is to treat the introductions like they are a brand new prospect.  It’s actually much easier since you know their history with your company.  Before you make your first call to them:

·         Study any notes on the account in your CRM system.

·         Look at the products they purchased and the dollar amounts spent.

·         Read through any support or customer services issues.

·         Talk with other people in your company that have worked with them.

·         Find something of value for them that the previous sales rep did not deliver.  It doesn’t have to be a new product or add-on for them to buy.  It’s usually better if you don’t try to sell them something right away. 

·         See if they are using what they have already purchased, as well as possible.

·         Find trends, research or anything else that could be of value to them.

·         Research their competition.


Now you’re ready to make the call.

Sales Homework
– If you have been assigned any takeover accounts, go through the steps above and put your notes into your CRM system.  This process is not exclusive to accounts that are assigned to you.  If you are allowed, use this approach on accounts in your system that you can take over and are just drifting along and getting no attention.  You may dig up some gold.

Sales Managers – When your sales reps call up with, “Hi, I’m your new sales rep.  How’s everything going?” it’s a giveaway that your group has an amateur.  Unfortunately for you, by association they will think you are too.   Read more...


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