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I know you think all you do is leave voice mails and very few people call you back (unless you’ve read and studied the lesson in this course on voice mail).  But there really are a few times when it is a good idea to leave a voicemail rather than speak directly with your prospect.  Here are a few:

The night before to confirm a meeting.  When your prospect gets the message in the morning, they may cancel if they don’t want to or can’t meet.  But if something has come up between the setting of the appointment and the day of the appointment, this will give them time to rearrange their schedule to fit you in.

To let them know you are a hard worker.  If you’re making business calls at 10:00pm you are a person who takes their job seriously.   This works for leaving a voice mail on the weekend as well.  You can let your prospect know you were working on their account over the weekend.  Wow.

When you can’t leave a voice mail during the day because the Gatekeeper won’t even put you through to your prospect’s voicemail. 

Sales Homework – Think of two creative uses for intentionally wanting to leave a voicemail.



Sales Managers
– Finally, there’s times when it’s okay to leave a voicemail. It’s really a good lesson for sales managers (and everyone else) that there are very few absolutes.    Read more...


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