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More than any other title in sales the one you want to own is Trusted Advisor.  When your customer calls you their Trusted Advisor, you have arrived.  Some think this title has become a sales cliché.  They fail to realize it’s not about the words.  This title elevates you to a level few sales people ever reach.  It’s a club you want to be a part of.  Here’s how you become a Trusted Advisor:

·         Do what you said you would do.

·         Do what your customers didn’t think could be done.

·         Send thank you notes.

·         Keep your customers abreast of industry trends.

·         Inform them of what their competitors are doing.

·         Introduce them to people and companies who can help them.

·         Keep them up-to-date of any new pricing, products, polices or procedures within your company.

·         Check in often with value and make sure they are still happy with your product.  Be proactive.

You’re probably thinking, that’s not so complicated.  Your right, it’s not!  Sales is simple, it’s just not easy.  Doing the above tasks takes a conscientious, daily effort.  But the effort is worth it. 

I heard a term a long time ago; Comatose Marketing.  Picture this:  A patient in bad shape is lying in a hospital bed.  The doctor comes into his room and checks the chart, checks the patient and then tells the nurse to change the medication the patient is receiving intravenously.  As the new medication starts to take effect, the patient’s eyes slowly open and a small smile breaks out on his face.  The patient feels better and says thank you to the doctor with his expression.   This is the kind of metaphoric relationship you want with your customer.  They are giving you their arm and telling you, “You know what you’re doing.  I trust you.  Just give me what I need to get better.”  That’s your job and responsibility as a Trusted Advisor.  Do your part and give your customers what they need to make and keep their business healthy.

Sales Homework – Go through the bullets above for each one of your customers.  If you are delinquent in any one of these items, fix it – and join the most rewarding, and rewarded, club in business. 

Sales Managers A team of Trusted Advisors will bring you wealth and happiness.  Keep the bullets above posted and use them as a checklist when doing account reviews.     Read more...


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